New From Liana Downey: Mission Control: How Nonprofits and Governments Can Focus, Achieve More, and Change the World (May 2016, Bibliomotion)

MissionControl 3D

Why do some nonprofit and government leaders actually succeed in changing the world, while others struggle to point to their impact? What links the eradication of smallpox, the housing of 100,000 chronically homeless individuals, or the remarkable reduction of the incidence of drunk-driving fatalities? Successful social sector organizations share a laser like focus on their goals. They deliberately identify and target their efforts in their sweet spot — the intersection between what they’re good at, what the world needs, and what works.

Yet most leaders lack focus. The nonprofit sector is growing at an incredible pace, but as the number of organizations grows, so does the competition for funding. As a result, many organizations are chasing grants, tweaking and adding to their core activities to match what they think funders are looking for. e result is colloquially known as “mission creep”— organizations trying to be everything to everyone. Research suggests that the more goals individuals or organizations pursue, the less likely they are to achieve them, leaving leaders overwhelmed, underfunded, and unfulfilled.

Mission Control: How Nonprofits and Governments Can Focus, Achieve More and Change the World is a pithy how-to guide packed with practical examples to help you on your journey, Find your focus and take control. Building on two decades of international experience leading and advising governments and nonprofits, Downey lays out a simple, clear process for how you too can find your focus and develop a powerful focused strategy that will help you and your teams make decisions, increase your impact, and change the world.

LIANA DOWNEY is an internationally acclaimed strategic advisor dedicated to creating social change. As executive director of Liana Downey & Associates, Downey leads a high performing global team that helps visionary social leaders and organizations increase focus and change lives. Clients include innovative social enterprises, global nonprofits and groundbreaking leaders from federal, state, and city governments, such as the Community Resources Exchange, Speak up Africa, Community Solutions, the Nature Conservancy, the NYC Education Department, Children’s Aid Society and the Administration for Children’s Services. Downey also advised large multinationals on growth strategy, and established and led the social and public practices while at McKinsey & Company for more than a decade.

Downey holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business (Arjay Miller Scholar), bachelor degrees in math and in arts from the Australian National University, and serves on the National and New York Boards of Room to Grow, an innovative nonprofi t dedicated to improving the lives of families living with poverty.