Organization & governance design

Will your current organizational structure allow you to evolve? Are you getting the most from your board? Are your employees thriving?

Thoughtful organizational design and quality governance make everything easier, but can be difficult issues to tackle alone. With our experience and objective approach we can help you build an effective and strong organization that will serve you well today and into the future.

Organizational design
A common challenge facing our clients is an outdated organizational structure reflecting their origins rather than their future. This can impact culture in subtle but critical ways. The wrong structure can result in a toxic or overly competitive working environment. We can reconfigure your structure to ensure clear roles and reporting lines and the right balance of functions to support you well into the future. We minimize disruption through a highly collaborative approach, built on our strong understanding of organizational psychology and culture change.

Governance improvement
A high-performing board can mean the difference between success and failure. Common challenges we've worked on with clients include re-configuring the skills mix to ensure a full balance of capabilities; helping manage an overly large board; ensuring that management teams and boards understand and are effective in their respective roles; and improving management reporting mechanisms to enable boards to engage at the right level of detail. We have also helped design and staff boards for new organizations.

Performance management
For many of our clients finding ways to build effective performance management systems can prove a real challenge. We help clients build powerful systems that link outcomes and employee performance, ensuring that everyone is pulling in the right direction.