Program Reviews & Support

Do you need an objective view on how a program, function, policy, or strategy is working? Would you like to take it a step further and identify opportunities to improve? We can help.

Clarifying objectives
We start by ensuring a common understanding of the goals and intended audience of the agency, program, or policy being reviewed. While this might sound obvious, we've found there are often quite different perspectives on fundamental questions of purpose.

Once we're clear on the desired outcomes, we then work with you to identify comparable local, national, and international benchmarks against which we can measure performance. We look not just at what is being achieved but how it is being achieved. How do end-users find the experience? Could you get to the same outcome in a more efficient way? Do current approaches make the best use of limited resources? What is the relationship between policy and delivery? We look for supporting facts both through analysis (e.g. correlation between spend and outcomes vs. other geographies or relevant agencies), as well as through surveys and interviews with key stakeholders. Through this process we develop a robust and agreed perspective on strengths and areas for improvement.

Recommendations for improvement
We can identify opportunities for improvement, drawing on comparative insights from relevant comparison groups as well as understanding diverse approaches within the agency - as we often find great practices within a given geography or department that aren't being effectively shared. We review the costs and benefits of various improvement opportunities, answering such questions as: What will the proposed reforms achieve? At what cost? How long will it take? Do we have the capabilities we need? What risks are there in doing things differently? How will this impact our stakeholders? Answering these questions allows us to develop a detailed plan for implementing the agreed changes. Plans typically include targets, milestones, timeframes, resourcing, interdependencies, and stakeholder communication.

Implementation support
We also provide implementation support. We invest heavily in developing capabilities in your organization through this journey to ensure that improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and economy are lasting.

Program Support

Have you got a tough project you need to deliver? Do you have a large, complex group of stakeholders you need to bring with you? Have you got limited leadership and/or problem-solving capacity? Is your team experienced enough? We can help you deliver the toughest projects - with stakeholders on board - on time and on budget.

Project scoping
Sometimes the hardest part of a project is making sure you're asking the right question. For very large project undertakings, we can provide establishment and scoping support. Our first priority is ensuring you have a clear, shared definition of success. We provide support to develop a practical project plan, including timelines and an approach for involving shareholders.

Project management
Across our team, we have delivered hundreds of complex projects on time and on budget, with a successful track record of liaising with multiple stakeholder groups with often competing interests (funders, industry, local, state and federal government, and citizens). We can help you by providing project management support or by putting our people to work alongside yours.

Senior leadership support
Do you have a critical project with a great team, but are stretched for capacity to support and advise them? We can offer support from amongst our team of experienced leaders with track records of delivering complex projects and relevant expertise. We provide senior leadership support to all kinds of projects.