Service delivery improvement

Are you trying to deliver quality services in the face of escalating demand and declining resources? Is your talent deployed where it is needed most and not bogged down in layers of bureaucracy? Drawing on private and public sector approaches we can help you deliver high-quality client service while making the most of limited resources.

Impact measurement
There is enormous value in understanding the impact your efforts are having. In addition, there is mounting pressure from citizens and private-sector funders to report on impact. We can help you. We understand and address common barriers to real outcomes measurement such as:

• risk aversion: "We don't want to overpromise - what if we lose our funding?"
• complexity: "How do we separate out our impact from all the other factors?"
• capability gaps: "I wouldn't know where to begin".

We are truly passionate about this subject. We have seen first-hand the benefits to our clients of starting to measure what really matters. Our practical approach can help you start measuring and improving immediately.

Corporate and shared-services strategy
Many clients spend precious time and energy in managing functions that do not directly support their constituents such as payroll, IT, purchasing and property maintenance. We can help you free up your people's valuable time by identifying functions that may be better shared, ensuring they are ready to outsource and helping you find the right partners. We work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition.

Red-tape reduction
Red tape and bureaucracy build over time, resulting in layers of people and process that waste your precious resources and frustrate your staff and clients. We help you streamline process and free up time to focus on the client-facing activities that matter most.