Strategy & policy

Do you know where your organization is headed? Have you got the right policies in place? Are your limited resources allocated appropriately? Are you getting the right messages to the right people?

We bring our global insight, robust analysis, and outstanding stakeholder management skills to help you put the most effective strategies and policies in place.

Strategic development
We work with you to develop strategic plans that make the most efficient use of your precious resources. We identify your capabilities, understanding how supply and demand for your services are likely to evolve due to demographic and political circumstance; and how best you can position yourself to meet the needs of your clients. Our approach is logical, fact-based, and collaborative.

Financial & economic analysis
We use mathematical and statistical analysis to help our clients develop appropriate strategies and policies. Our approach combines academic expertise with easy-to-understand communication of the implications. Services including measuring and forecasting policy impacts, identifying changing client needs, and macro-economic scenario modelling to help clients anticipate and meet changes in demand. Recent examples include customer data modelling for human services, value-for-money analysis of alternative approaches to juvenile sentencing and care, and macro-economic scenario analysis of carbon pricing scenarios.

Business case development
We have a proven track record of helping clients develop clear and compelling business cases. We bring our deep experience in the private sector to help governments and nonprofits develop pitch materials that resonate with donors and private funders.

Policy development support
We bring global insights to governments developing or refining their policy approaches. We offer international benchmarking, policy impact and effectiveness analysis, and stakeholder impact assessments.

Strategic communication services
We provide clients with high-impact communication materials tailored to their audiences. Services include developing communication materials; designing and coordinating road shows, press-briefings, and town-hall meetings; developing consultation materials for multi-language groups (including where literacy is an issue), and organizing large multi-stakeholder consultations and full-day working sessions.