Across our team, we are experienced in the education, environment, public health, human services, and justice arenas.
Examples of our experience include:


  • developed a business plan for establishing a new nonprofit providing lifetime educational support to disadvantaged communities;
  • reviewed state-wide literacy and numeracy policy delivery chain, identifying ways to improve policy delivery and increase front-line impact;
  • assessed impact of increases in federal and state funding on educational outcomes;
  • developed state-level strategic and operational plan for enhancing adult vocational-education outcomes.
  • Developed Early Care and Education strategy for large city agency
  • Developed performance management system for large children’s services provider
  • Developed measures to track college and career readiness


  • developed business plans for carbon-farming businesses, facilitated strategy sessions for a large consortium of environmental organizations;
  • facilitated complex dialogues on the topic of overlapping coal resource tenures amongst government, environmental agencies, agricultural representative, and representatives from corporate competitors.




Public Health

  • supported national health reform efforts;
  • supported a major hospital system in governance and operational review, including developing business cases for the consolidation of shared-services functions across the network (including procurement, finance, and human resources);
  • undertook long-term strategic planning for a state health agency, looking at ways to increase quality while simultaneously improving efficiency in light of increasing demand and complexity.
  • Developed strategic plan to extend successful approach to housing chronically homeless
  • Developed plan to connect vulnerable citizens to employment


Human Services

  • facilitated the development of a cross-departmental strategy to address emerging challenges in health, child protection, disability and mental health areas;
  • identified forces at work across the different sectors and their likely impact on demand and service provision;
  • developed workforce and client-services strategies to address complex overlapping needs for disadvantaged consumers.
  • Developed strategic plan to extend successful approach to housing chronically homeless to other complex issues
  • Developed plan to connect vulnerable citizens to employment


  • redesigned the juvenile justice system for Australia's largest state;
  • established cross-governmental agency partnerships in key locations to reduce crime, resulting in significant reduction in assault rates and further state-wide implementation.